10 Tasty Tidbits…

Hi!  Thanks for stumbling onto my blog.  Once I get things kickin’ this page should be chalk full of food fun… for now though here’s a gathering of 10 random and loosely related facts about me.
1.  I have listened to above song all day on repeat… click and continue.
2.  I rely heavily on the literary genius of Eat this Not That for healthy eating alternatives (thank for doing the leg work ETNT!).
3.  I live in the (always) sunny (but too breezy for the beach) state of California but grew up in the (always) sunny (but too humid for the beach) state of Florida.
4.  I could eat a burrito everyday.
5.  I make jewelry.
6.  Goat cheese, cilantro and my new mini food processor have recently changed my world.
7.   I closely follow fashion trends but own very few high fashion items.
8.  I buy shoes at T.J. Maxx and dresses off the sale rack of Urban Outfitters.
9.  I would spend every day laying on a blanket, in the sunshine, if making money weren’t so imperative to life.
10.  This is my first blog… enjoy!
Extra bits.. some photos my boyfriend took that make me look waaay cooler than I am.
Ocean gazing in Playa
Indian Colored Powder fight at Lake Powell
Jumping off a wall in Venice

3 thoughts on “10 Tasty Tidbits…

  1. Cassie says:

    1. I love you.
    2. You are superawesome.
    3. I’m SO excited to follow your blog! 🙂

  2. mama joan says:

    I am just smilin cause this is you!!!!! i can’t wait to read more!!!! lol (lots of love) mom

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