Stack It Tall

Apparently there is a new phenomenon sweeping the restaurant world… and it has nothing to do with food.

*Tangent*  I am in the minority of people who have yet to embark into the land of Smartphones.  It’s not that I won’t but when you’re still part of a family plan you don’t mess up a good thing!  Regardless, everyone else I know has taken the plunge (probably about some 5 years ago) and this causes for a difference in phone etiquette.  My phone is not as cool as theirs so they hold it close while I forget to remember where I’ve left mine.

Behold the game to change 1 hour of every one’s life by bringing them closer to my world!

Here’s how it works…

  1. Plan a dinner outing with friends and/or family.
  2. Meet, hug, chat, sit.
  3. Take cell phone out of pocket, purse, death grip and SILENCE it.
  4. Calmly place your phone in the middle of the table and stack* them in a pile.   Remember to breath… you’re phone is safe!
  5. Order, laugh, talk, drink, be merry!
  6. Don’t touch your phone… no matter what.  If you do, you just can’t handle it and must break, you get stuck with the entire bill.  No excuses, you have faulty willpower!
  7. If no one bends under the urge to “ask Siri” the bill is split as normal.
  8. Hug, laugh, say goodbye.
  9. Leave happy and fulfilled because you just spent quality time with those you love*.
*If you’re not going to dinner with those you love… don’t bother playing the game.  🙂
This game can be played in in settings other than restaurants… just set the stakes.  For example I plan to propose to my beloved roomies that loser does dishes.  Good right!  And then I plan to draw out dinner because one of them will inevitably break before I do… mwwaahaha!  Also at a bar, the first to breaks buy the next round.  Endless opportunities.
For the official rules click here… Stack ‘Em!

One thought on “Stack It Tall

  1. Cassie says:

    uuuuuum, this is a great idea! It must drive you crazy to be in the midst of smartphone insanity! I’ll start incorporating this fun game into my gatherings…if others can muster up the courage! 😉

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