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Just Can’t Get Enough

I heard this song, Emmylou by First Aid Kit the other day and I swear, I haven’t stopped listening to it since!  I just love it!  So here it is for you to enjoy.

I’ve also been really diggin’ “Flaws” by Bastille.   I think they have potential to  be an upcoming favorite band of mine.

Oh!  Jon made a really kick ass video this week as well.  We are big fans of the show Breaking Bad in our house but the show intro needs some serious work!  Living with designers, editors and the sort will really make you see television differently… I now know what edit breaks looks like in shows like the Bachelor.  It’s a real eye opener.

Even if you don’t watch Breaking Bad check out his alternate intro, it’s well worth it! (And no, I’m not just saying that because he’s my boyfriend and it will make him love me more… but he is, and it might 🙂 )

One more… this SNL skit is one of the funniest I’ve seen in awhile.  Watch Beyonce and JayZ’s new baby, Blue Ivy, welcome celebrity guests of all types.  Hilarious!  My personal favorite is Bon Iver.

Have a wonderful weekend, thank goodness Friday finally decided to show up, right!?


Oh Lookie Lookie, Hearts!

Happy Valentine’s Day!



Also, I’m not renigging on my earlier post and overal sentiment towards smartphones….

BUT, for all you iPhone owner I have one request.  Please send this to someone you love today!


You should all be happy that I don’t have one or you would all be asked “whale you be my valentine”.  Well, whale you?

Stack It Tall

Apparently there is a new phenomenon sweeping the restaurant world… and it has nothing to do with food.

*Tangent*  I am in the minority of people who have yet to embark into the land of Smartphones.  It’s not that I won’t but when you’re still part of a family plan you don’t mess up a good thing!  Regardless, everyone else I know has taken the plunge (probably about some 5 years ago) and this causes for a difference in phone etiquette.  My phone is not as cool as theirs so they hold it close while I forget to remember where I’ve left mine.

Behold the game to change 1 hour of every one’s life by bringing them closer to my world!

Here’s how it works…

  1. Plan a dinner outing with friends and/or family.
  2. Meet, hug, chat, sit.
  3. Take cell phone out of pocket, purse, death grip and SILENCE it.
  4. Calmly place your phone in the middle of the table and stack* them in a pile.   Remember to breath… you’re phone is safe!
  5. Order, laugh, talk, drink, be merry!
  6. Don’t touch your phone… no matter what.  If you do, you just can’t handle it and must break, you get stuck with the entire bill.  No excuses, you have faulty willpower!
  7. If no one bends under the urge to “ask Siri” the bill is split as normal.
  8. Hug, laugh, say goodbye.
  9. Leave happy and fulfilled because you just spent quality time with those you love*.
*If you’re not going to dinner with those you love… don’t bother playing the game.  🙂
This game can be played in in settings other than restaurants… just set the stakes.  For example I plan to propose to my beloved roomies that loser does dishes.  Good right!  And then I plan to draw out dinner because one of them will inevitably break before I do… mwwaahaha!  Also at a bar, the first to breaks buy the next round.  Endless opportunities.
For the official rules click here… Stack ‘Em!

10 Tasty Tidbits…

Hi!  Thanks for stumbling onto my blog.  Once I get things kickin’ this page should be chalk full of food fun… for now though here’s a gathering of 10 random and loosely related facts about me.
1.  I have listened to above song all day on repeat… click and continue.
2.  I rely heavily on the literary genius of Eat this Not That for healthy eating alternatives (thank for doing the leg work ETNT!).
3.  I live in the (always) sunny (but too breezy for the beach) state of California but grew up in the (always) sunny (but too humid for the beach) state of Florida.
4.  I could eat a burrito everyday.
5.  I make jewelry.
6.  Goat cheese, cilantro and my new mini food processor have recently changed my world.
7.   I closely follow fashion trends but own very few high fashion items.
8.  I buy shoes at T.J. Maxx and dresses off the sale rack of Urban Outfitters.
9.  I would spend every day laying on a blanket, in the sunshine, if making money weren’t so imperative to life.
10.  This is my first blog… enjoy!
Extra bits.. some photos my boyfriend took that make me look waaay cooler than I am.
Ocean gazing in Playa
Indian Colored Powder fight at Lake Powell
Jumping off a wall in Venice